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The Difference Between Selling and Servicing a Move

Choosing the right moving company is always a difficult task.  You can open up the phone book or do a Google search, and you will quickly discover dozens of movers willing to take on your move.  At a quick glance they all look about the same too.  So how do you sort through all the moving companies and select the best one for you?  One major thing you will want to verify is that the mover you select is going to be the company who services your move.  Some companies do not service their own moves but just sell the move and then contract your business out to someone else.   Read more.

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Communication Key When Choosing a Moving Company

Throughout the process of choosing a moving company all the way to the move itself, there are a number of touchpoints in which communication is essential between the customer and the mover. Whether more home items need to be taken than originally thought, or the need to schedule a professional packing team arises, a lot can change during the months, weeks and days leading up to a move. As director of residential sales for Corrigan Moving, it is my job to enable our sales team to educate our customers about the moving process and to train them to be able to make that process go as smooth as possible.   Read more.

Rob Galardi

Written by Rob Galardi

Rob serves Corrigan Moving Systems as Director of Residential Sales.


Tips for New Homeowners

Buying your first home can be one of the most exciting events in any person’s life. Those who have had the opportunity know that there is nothing like walking into that house that’s all yours for the first time. However, after the initial excitement that comes with a new home, reality often sets in and you realize there’s still a ton of things that need to be taken care of. That’s why tips for new homeowners can be like gold in those first weeks of chaos and can help remove frustration from the transition.   Read more.

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