When Choosing a Moving Company, Look for Skill and Flexibility

Businesses worldwide are constantly forced to adapt to change and new developments to keep their company moving forward. The world is always changing, and the needs and expectations of customers change along with it.  Effective companies learn to adapt and incorporate change, while unsuccessful companies resist change and get left behind.  This is why it is important for people who are choosing a moving company to look closely at how each company has adapted to change in the past.  Companies who have embraced change will be able to deliver a better move experience and are better able to react to the unique aspects of every move.   Read more.


Why We Are Craftsmen

When people think of ‘craftsmen,’ usually an image of a skilled woodworker or mechanic comes to mind. It’s unlikely that someone would think of a moving specialist or van operator. But here at Corrigan Moving Systems, we truly believe that each of our employees are craftsmen, and we have an expertise in our trade that is second to none.   Read more.

Dave Corrigan

Written by Dave Corrigan

As a third generation Corrigan, Dave serves as the President of Corrigan Moving Systems.


The Difference Between Selling and Servicing a Move

Choosing the right moving company is always a difficult task.  You can open up the phone book or do a Google search, and you will quickly discover dozens of movers willing to take on your move.  At a quick glance they all look about the same too.  So how do you sort through all the moving companies and select the best one for you?  One major thing you will want to verify is that the mover you select is going to be the company who services your move.  Some companies do not service their own moves but just sell the move and then contract your business out to someone else.   Read more.

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