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Corrigan Supports Pirate Toy Fund Collection

Once again, Corrigan Moving Systems has just finished up our 2016partnership with the Pirate Toy Fund organization.  Every December Corrigan and the Pirate Toy Fund, along with WHEC Channel 10, work together to host a major toy drive.   Read more.


Top 5 Tips for Moving During the Winter

Winter can be a wonderful time of the year.  Building snowmen, ice skating, drinking hot chocolate and sledding are all fun things we enjoy during the winter months.  If you find that you need to move during the winter though, there are a few extra challenges that you need to account for.   Never fear though, as we have you covered with the top 5 tips for moving during the winter.   Read more.


Protecting your Home for the Move

One question we get asked rather frequently is “What will the movers do to protect our home from damage on move day?”. That is a terrific question. Professional movers come to every job site with a variety of materials to protect your walls and floors from damage. Important information about your home have been communicated to the moving crew in advance from the site surveyor who comes out to your home in advance. The surveyor lets the movers know approximately how much hardwood floors you may have, if you have a 2 story home, and if you have lots of white carpets that need to be kept clean. This allows the crews to bring out the correct materials needed to be sure they are safely protecting your home.   Read more.

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