Packing Tips – General Advice

Before you move to your new home it is essential that all of your loose items are properly boxed up and safely packed. Packing is an important skill to learn when moving; it will keep your items from being damaged, it keeps your items organized during transit, and it is much easier to move a packed box than it is to move numerous loose objects. To help you master the art of packing, we here at Corrigan have put together some packing tips and tricks to make you feel comfortable with the process. By following these general advice tips for packing, you will be off to an excellent start.   Read more.


Protecting your Home for the Move

One question we get asked rather frequently is “What will the movers do to protect our home from damage on move day?”. That is a terrific question. Professional movers come to every job site with a variety of materials to protect your walls and floors from damage. Important information about your home have been communicated to the moving crew in advance from the site surveyor who comes out to your home in advance. The surveyor lets the movers know approximately how much hardwood floors you may have, if you have a 2 story home, and if you have lots of white carpets that need to be kept clean. This allows the crews to bring out the correct materials needed to be sure they are safely protecting your home.   Read more.


Corrigan Wins Customer Choice Award

This October we were happy to have an opportunity to network with our fellow agents at the United Van Lines convention held in Washington D.C.  The United Van Lines network is the strongest collection of moving companies in the nation, and their dedication, capabilities, and technology are second to none.    Read more.

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