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Tips for New Homeowners

Buying your first home can be one of the most exciting events in any person’s life. Those who have had the opportunity know that there is nothing like walking into that house that’s all yours for the first time. However, after the initial excitement that comes with a new home, reality often sets in and you realize there’s still a ton of things that need to be taken care of. That’s why tips for new homeowners can be like gold in those first weeks of chaos and can help remove frustration from the transition.   Read more.

Tips on Making Your New City Feel Like Home

There are only a few personal events more life altering than a move to a new city. Leaving behind all you know for fresh opportunities can be lonely and overwhelming, especially if you’re settling in by yourself. However, the first few weeks or months in your new place don’t have to be filled with isolation. With a little initiative, you can avoid the moving blues with these ideas to pick yourself up and get yourself out in your new town:   Read more.

Fall Home Checklist for New Homeowners

With Labor Day behind us and football in full-swing, fall is undoubtedly here.  Summer is the busiest season for moving and many who recently moved find themselves adjusting to new surroundings as the seasons change. Whether you lived in a house before or are a first-time owner, we recommend putting together a fall home checklist to ensure your home is ready for the change of weather.  To help you get started we’ve put together some ideas of tasks that might need be on your checklist.   Read more.

Personalize with Unique New Home Technology

Moving can be exciting for everyone, regardless of whether it’s a first home or the fifth. A new place comes with new opportunities.  Personalizing the house into something undeniably “yours” is both essential and a lot of fun.   In the past we’ve given some fun tips on decorating your new home, but there are other creative ways to customize your new home as well.  Purchasing new home technology is a great way to personalize your new surroundings with fun new functions and features.  Some of these can even save you money.  Below we highlight just a few new technology suggestions that can liven up any new home.   Read more.

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